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About Literary Child

Literary Child is an innovative book club with an accompanying magazine/activity guide. Join us as we read timeless children's classics and well-loved contemporary literature.

Literary Child is custom designed to accompany each book selection, filled with family activities, word puzzles, games, crafts, recipes and more ideas for families to enjoy together. Get your kids excited about literature with our interactive ideas!

The books chosen will be for ages ranging from upper elementary school to high school. But we believe they apply to all ages. If your child is too young to read the selection on his own, we highly recommend reading the book aloud. Our oldest is five years old, and thoroughly enjoyed listening to my reading aloud Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which is typically given to high school students. Even our three year old would come to me with the book asking me to read from it! If you think your child is too young to grasp the concepts of an "older" book, you may consider rethinking that belief. Children soak in much more than we tend to think they do. And while they may not understand every single word of the book, they are indeed ingesting bits of it, and learning the language, tone and elements of reading. Listening to literature will only enhance their lives, vocabulary and love of reading.

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We'd love to hear from you! Please email us with any questions, suggestions, comments, anything! Email to: info@literarychild.com